Enjoy the Little Things in Life

I love looking at pictures with a sense of ambiguity…
I love to look up in the sky and see the patterns the jet streams have created that day.
Jet Streams Part II.
I loved the idea of capturing an image of the sun. It kind of blurs everything… I love it.
The blurriness of this picture is intriguing to me, I love this one!
“You control your own destiny. Never let anyone put you in a box and say ‘This is your space’; You have the whole world to choose from. If you have something to say, say it. Live your life as you want to live it, not how others perceive your life to be lived. Take control. Today.” ― Michelle Geaney

Hello lovely readers! I have been very inspired lately, by the simplest of things. I went on a little walk the other day and decided to take some photos.


These are all just examples of the simple beauty you can find in things you see daily. Why does everything have to be so complex? I am trying to learn to marvel in the awe of ALL that is good and beautiful, not just the “exceptional” things that happen once every few years.

A few people who have directed me towards this thought process are

1. Ella Grace Denton- She is such an excellent role model for young people, check out her blog, twitter, or instagram. Links will be below!


2. Lex Flemings- Lex has been one of my role models for the past two or so years, she is such a moral person and I for someone like her to have the ability to guide young people on the internet is just a blessing, truly. I will also have her links below.


Thank you guys so much for reading.



P.S. If you were wondering what I was wearing: Sweater: T.J.Maxx, Jeans: http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=28770709&parentid=W_APP_JEANS#/ , Parka was found in my parents closet, and Shoes: Vans, http://www.vans.com/shop/shoes-classics-authentic/authentic-cherry-tomato-true-white

Ella’s links. Instagram- http://instagram.com/ellagracedenton

Twitter- https://twitter.com/Ellagracedenton

YouTube- https://www.youtube.com/user/ellagracedenton08

Blog- http://www.weneedtolivemore.com/author/ellagracedenton/

Lex’s links. Twitter- https://twitter.com/MadeULookbyLex

YouTube- https://www.youtube.com/user/MadeYewLook

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/MadeULookbyLex

Website- http://www.madeulookbylex.com/

Instagram- http://instagram.com/creativeboss


1 thought on “Enjoy the Little Things in Life”

  1. I really love your blog, your posts are beautiful! I just followed you, it would be great if we can support each other 🙂 I am so glad I got to discover you ❤


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