Vacation Staples: Makeup Brushes

Hey guys! So today I just wanted to share my favorite makeup brushes for traveling. I will explain what I use each brush for, let’s get into it!

So here are my face brushes! Starting from the left, my foundation/concealer brush. I honestly don’t remember where this is from, but I love using it while traveling. It’s perfect for liquid highlights and for powdering. Next up, Luxie tapered highlighting brush. I use this for highlighting my décolleté, arms, legs, and blending out my face highlight. It’s my favorite. Then we have the Luxie stippling brush. I like to use this to blend out powders, and to apply my bronzer/blush. It keeps it nice and light. Real Techniques setting brush is gorgeous for packing on highlight and powdering the under eyes. I’ve found that applying the tiniest bit of highlight under the eye with powder overtop looks stunning! And the last brush is from Moda. It’s a basic powder brush that I use for blush, highlight, overall powder. I love it! 

For my eye brushes! I honestly don’t like to wear a lot of eye makeup. I am into skin focus for my day to day life. But in case I want to do some kind of look I bring these three brushes. First up, Wetnwild blending brush! This brush is honestly so good. I usually bring duochrome shadows so that when I blend them they bring dimension to my eyes. This brush makes it so easy, and I believe it’s like ninety nine cents. The next brush is by Luxie as well. I like to bring this for brows, liner, whatever I feel. It’s so lovely. 
Thank you so, so much for reading! Please remember to like this post, and follow me to be the first to know when I write again. Talk soon, angels!



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