Vacation Staples: Lip Products

Hey guys! I am so excited to share my favorite lip products to take when traveling. I almost always wear something on my lips. It’s rare to see me without at the very least, lipliner. I just love lippies!

Let’s start with lipliners! These are two of my absolute favorites. The top shade is Pamela from Ultravixen Cosmetics. The bottom shade is Forever After from Tint Beauty. I love to use these just to add a little bit of extra definition.

As for my lipstick shades, I always pack a red. This one is from Tréstique, and I love how vibrant it is. It really can wake up your entire face! The next shade is Tint Beauty liquid lip in Maiden. This is such an incredible formula of liquid lipsticks, not too drying and they feel like nothing. My all time favorite lip shade for when I have a little bit of a tan is this NYX matte lipstick in Bare with Me. It’s such a beautiful peachy nude.

And lastly, my two go-to lipglosses. On the left is NYX Eclair gloss, and on the right Aurora gloss in Fairy. I love glossy lips with a natural look. As long as my hair is up and away from my face! There is nothing worse than hair in lipgloss, it is honestly one of my least favorite feelings.

Thank you guys so much for reading this, and I hope it’s given you some inspiration! I can’t wait to share my packing tips soon, if you’re interested follow me to be updated as soon as it is live.



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