Pin Up Style

Hey guys! I’m finally back with another post, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Today I wanted to share a few looks that are my take on Pin Up style.

First up! This is a very classic take on the style. This red and white polka dot dress is absolutely adorable, and sooo Minnie Mouse 🐭 These insanely tall wedges add length to my little legs! The mary jane style strap adds more of the 60’s vibe to the look. I added a black petticoat, (my grandmother’s from the 50’s), to add a bit more shape. Makeup and hair are both very simple and classic!

Look number two! This one is a little bit sexy, and would honestly be a great Halloween costume! Personally, terrifying gore is more my style, but I know lots of people would rather stick to some sense of “normalcy.” I used the same wedges, added some hot pants, and tied up a cute button up top. I love this look so much!

The final look! It’s a little more “today” style, if that makes sense. I love red and millennial pink together. It’s such a strong combo! The silhouette of this dress is incredibly flattering, even with flats! This little red coat is one of my favorite pieces in my closet. I kept the hair sleek and simple!

Thank you guys so much for tuning out in, and I hope that you got some style inspiration from this post! I cannot wait to be posting more style-related posts soon! Check out my YouTube channel for makeup and vegan talks!



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