Hey guys! I am so sorry for the lack of posts recently. I don’t have an excuse… Just lack of inspiration and overall feeling down about my physical being recently. I try to provide a space for women(and men) of all body types to learn to love their bodies just a little more. Sometimes it’s harder than that… we all have low days. Don’t beat yourself up over them, and just try to do little things to help lift yourself back up. I may do a post sharing some things that help me, let me know if you’d be interested.


SO! Today I have a quick OOTD post. I loved this look that I put together the other day. I’ve recently been super into a baggy, menswear style. I think it looks super cool and lowkey.

This tee is basically vintage… It’s a hand-me-down. Woooo Norway.
The jeans were thrifted. Which is basically what I want to transition all of my jeans to. Vintage cuts and mom jeans. Obsessed for life. They make you look casual, BUT you keep the femininity. They accentuate your waistline with the baggier silhouette, and they also hug the booty. Which I’m all about.
The shoes are just a classic pair of New Balance sneakers. Comfy. Dad fit. Love them.
The hat is probably my favorite piece from this look. It’s from Pendleton Woolen Mills. It belonged to my grandfather, and it’s just everything. 
The bracelet is from Colombia… Haha, oops! 
This makeup look has been my go-to recently. I actually have a short tutorial coming soon… Check out Chatterboxmali on YouTube to stay tuned. 

So that sums up this OOTD post! Personally, I love seeing people’s poses for styling pictures, so I’m going to start adding in more pictures. Let me know if you also enjoy that!





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