Hello! I am back on modmuses, and I am full of ideas for summertime. I am obsessed with minimal makeup looks, despite the fact that I post so many dramatic looks on my Instagram, @chatterboxmali. I am a fiend for blush in particular. I think it can really make or break a look! That’s why I thought I’d share some tips and inspiration pictures for my “sunburnt glow” look. It’s perfect for summer, and you can totally watch my tutorial here,

Tip 1: Figure out your undertones, so you can choose a complementary blush tone.

Tip 2: SKIP FOUNDATION! Even if you are insecure with your skin. I have very red cheeks, acne scarring, and acne. This look makes me feel so confident.

Tip 3: Find a very light mascara, even brown! My favorite for this look is Pixi Beauty black laquer lash primer. I use it as a mascara and holy crap. It is fantastic.

Tip 4: Make sure you curl your lashes! This is going to create such impact without having to coat your lashes 18 times and apply falsies… You get it. I love the Vintage Cosmetics Company lash curlers! They’re big enough for my BOO eyes.

Tip 5: Blot your lip color on for a stained look. This is going to not only look much more natural, but it will also stay on all day long.

Tip 6: DO NOT FORGET SPF! Just don’t. Please. I love the Sunbum brand for my suncare needs.


Monochromatic and glowy and summery and ugh. I love this vibe so much.
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It’s so fresh and minimal.
How to Look Gorgeous Without Makeup
Google Image Result for
There’s just a fresh faced look when you go heavy on blush. 
I know you’re going to try this look out ASAP.

I hope you guys liked this post! Also, let me know in the comments if you try this look out! Also, feel free to send me any questions! Thank you so much!


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