Hey angels! I just wanted to share my nails from a couple weeks ago. I am in love with how they turned out. Let me know if you like a little more randomness thrown in here, or if you prefer strictly fashion and makeup here on Modmuses.

I wanted to stick with a milk bath look for an accent nail. I do my own nails, so I try to keep the super detailed looks semi-easy to do. I just used some shreds of dried flower petals and leaves. Ideally, you’d have actual tiny dried flowers… But this looks neat too! I decided to go with the baby blue and baby pink as well because they just worked with the vibe.

One tip I do have if you’re trying to create a look like this at home: FILE! Always file down the textures so they don’t get caught in your day to day life. Then, set everything with a super glossy clear coat. You could totally do matte as well, I just always find glossy makes it look as professional as possible.

Alrighty, what did we think? Do we like seeing nail art on here? Would you try this yourself? Let’s chat! I really hope that you enjoyed this quick little read, and that maybe it will inspire you to step outside your comfort zone with your nails. Share your pictures with me on Instagram, my handle is @chatterboxmali. Thank you angels so much for reading.



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