Hello angels! I really wanted to share this look I put together the other day. A pop of neon is fun, and I wanted to do a completely neon look. I took some inspiration from my love for neon makeup for the styling of it. You always want to have a few “grounding” aspects to such intense colorful looks. That’s why I paired the gold belt and bracelet with the look, and the not dyed straw also helps with that too. I’d love to hear if you would try out a look like this! I think it’s a fun little challenge to make what could be an intense outfit, wearable.

This top is a few sizes larger than I’d normally wear, even as an oversized shirt. I just envisioned it being a piece to wear as a mini dress both with and without a belt. I love the soft linen-esque material with the bright coral.

I have a fun story behind these sneakers, so if you’d like to hear that… Leave a comment asking! I honestly feel like they’re one of my favorite pairs of shoes ever, comfortable and practical. My mom found them when I was a freshman in high school, and I’ve been obsessed with them since. I love the neon orange and lime, so much. It’s borderline obnoxious, kind of like me, so it’s truly a match made in heaven.

I also would highly recommend putting your hair up in a bun if you’re wearing an outfit like this. Obviously only applicable if you’ve got longer hair! I find that it makes a huge difference to not only the whole vibe of the look, but it also allows the shape of the look to be more coherent. When you’ve got either cleavage and décolletage showing and/or low cut back, it really helps to show the shape of the look.

And the pièce de résistance is this adorable straw purse. It’s so tacky! I know that tacky is a “bad” or “negative” adjective, but I usually say it with a lot of love. It can be a fun tacky, ya know? So this is part of my mini purse collection that will not stop growing. I love the color combinations of it, and once again talking about the grounding aspect of the straw material/tone with the bright colors. It truly makes a difference!

I’m a gold kind of girl. I will probably always gravitate towards gold. In makeup, jewelry, shoes… I just think it suits my personality and skin tone a bit more than silver! Although I wear both, I just like my more intense accessories to be gold. This bracelet and belt combo is absolutely over the top, especially with sneakers. I feel like it makes a more complete look though!

Alrighty! That is absolutely everything that I’ve got for today, and I really hope that you enjoyed this post. I would love to know if you all enjoy my more informative posts, or if you’d prefer more pictures > words. I will chat soon, and please feel free to leave me any questions in the comments.



Also, you’re always welcome to direct message me on Instagram, @chatterboxmali.

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